Andrew Hindmoor wins Best Article 2015 prize

Andrew Hindmoor

Andrew Hindmoor, Professor of Politics and Deputy Head of Department

Together with collaborator Professor Stephen Bell, Professor Andrew Hindmoor has won the prize for the best article in the British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 2015.

Their article 'Masters of the Universe but Slaves of the Market: Bankers and the Great Financial Meltdown' places the actions of bankers within wider structures, such as the how banking institutions were organised and regulated, in the run-up to the 2007-2008 financial crisis.

It was followed in March 2015 with a well-received monograph, entitled Masters of the Universe, Slaves of the Market. You can read a response by another member of our department, Professor Andrew Gamble, in the British Journal of Politics and International Relations.

In 2013, Professor Hindmoor won the Political Studies Harrison Prize for his article with Allan McConnell (University of Sydney) for the article 'Why Didn’t They See It Coming? Warning Signs, Acceptable Risks and the Global Financial Crisis’.

Another member of the Department of Politics, Professor Matthew Flinders, also won the BJPIR prize in 2012.

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