Crick Centre becomes an ESRC Knowledge Exchange Hub

The Crick Centre has been designated an Economic and Social Research Council 'Knowledge Exchange Hub'. This means they will be carrying out exciting work to promote the lessons from social science and prompt debate amongst a wider audience.

Photos of Matteo, Titus and Matthew, and the ESRC Logo.

From the first of July 2015, the team will be hard at work producing several punchy films to invigorate discussion amongst young people about democracy and constitutional change.

The project will draw on the expertise of Crick Centre directors Professor Matthew Flinders, Dr Matt Wood and Dr Kate Dommett - who also hold posts within our Department.

In addition, two Knowledge Exchange Fellows have been appointed. Titus Alexander, the Convenor of Democracy Matters UK, and Matteo Bergamini, the founder and Director of Shout Out UK, will bring their knowledge and practical experience to the project.

Professor Flinders said:

‘It’s great to be working with the ESRC as a Knowledge Exchange Hub as there can hardly have been a better time to ensure that public debates are underpinned by the very best available research and evidence. Our aim is to really push the boundaries of engaged scholarship.'

Taking up his position as a Knowledge Exchange Fellow, Titus Alexander said:

“Democracy Matters wants to empower people to take part in the process of constitutional change, so we are very excited about the potential of this project to widen the debate."

Matteo Bergamini added:

"Shout Out UK aims to get more young people involved in politics through journalism, so it's great to see the ESRC take such an initiative and amazing to be part of it. As the next generation, its our right as well as our duty to engage with politics and to learn and discuss the best ways to change our society for the better."

For more information and to keep up with the Crick Centre's work, visit their website here.

For more information about the ESRC's Knowledge Exchange Hub programme, visit their website here.