Picture of WestminsterThe Crick Centre Engages with BBC's Democracy Day Debate

Today (20th January 2015) the BBC is celebrating ‘Democracy Day’ with a range of events celebrating the 750th Anniversary of the first elected parliament at Westminster.

There will be live events, discussions and debate inside Westminster and at the BBC Radio Theatre in London broadcast across the BBC, including on all 27 BBC language services.

Across radio, TV and online, the BBC will look at democracy past and present, how democratic we really are, and encourage debate about the future of democracy.

Throughout Democracy Day the Crick Centre team are engaged with the debate through a range of different mediums. Kate Dommett looks at the future of political parties in an article for the New Statesman.

On Open Democracy Hendrik Wagenaar argues that democracy isn’t in crisis, but is evolving.

Meanwhile on the Crick Centre site Matt Flinders argues we have to break free from our current form of democracy.

We’ve also got a special podcast with Matt Wood and Matt Flinders discussing the future of democracy in the UK, looking forward to this year’s election and the involvement of celebrities such as Russell Brand and Al Murray in political debates.