Picture of Professor John DryzekProfessor John Dryzek Speaks at the Annual Warrender Lecture

The Department of Politics was today delighted to welcome Professor John Dryzek to speak at the annual Warrender Lecture.

John Dryzek is Professor of social and political theory at the University of Camberra's Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis. He is a leading scholar on democratic theory, environmental politics, global governance, deliberative theory, green politics and discourse ethics.

Professor Dryzek spoke today about 'Deliberative Global Justice' at the lecture held in the Elmfield Building. The abstract for his talk was as follows:

The experience of climate governance shows that global justice can mean different and sometimes contradictory things, ranging from a concern for the most vulnerable to insistence on fairness in the terms of trade. A deliberative approach to global justice can sort out these different conceptions. Defensible deliberation about justice requires inclusion of the most vulnerable and marginalised people in the present, future generations, and non-human nature - either directly or (inescapably for future generations and non-human nature) through some representation mechanism. All three of these major challenges can be addressed, with the additional benefit of contributing to the development of social institutions better able to reconstruct themselves in the context of increasingly unstable social-ecological systems.