Picture of Professor Matt FlindersMatthew Flinders on BBC Radio 4's Moral Maze

In light of British Labour party leader Ed Miliband’s latest problems with backbench unrest and rumoured challenges to his leadership, Professor Matt Flinders, Director of the Sir Bernard Crick Centre for the Public Understanding of Politics, debated the issue of loyalty on BBC Radio 4′s Moral Maze (12/11/2014).

Matt argued that loyalty is complex and, while undoubtedly a social good, is also contradictory. He argued that we can have multiple loyalties, and that because they conflict we will almost always have to break some over others. Matt suggested this is particularly the case for politicians, who often have crossed lines of loyalty and cannot satisfy all constituencies all of the time.

You can listen to the whole programme, also featuring pannelists Michael Portillo, Giles Fraser, Anne McElvoy and Mehdi Hasan, here (UK only).