'Evidence, Common Sense and Policy Making'

Governance and Participation Workshop, Wednesday 20th April 2016

Photo: Research workshop

At this seminar we are pleased to present two papers exploring different aspects of the relationship between expertise and policy making.

Papers will be presented by:

Professor James Wilsdon:
'The Resistible Rise of the Chief Scientific Adviser: Competing Cultures of Expertise and Evidence in the European Commission'

Dr Joshua Forstenzer and Dr Kate Dommett:
'Common Sense Politics in the Age of Technocracy: Good Governance and Evidence-Based Policy Making as Ideology'

All welcome. Please contact Dr Kate Dommett for more information.

Key Information

Date: Wednesday 20th April
Time: 12-2pm
Location: Room G19, Elmfield Building

James Wilsdon is a Professor of Research Policy in the Department of Politics

Dr Kate Dommett is a Lecturer in the Public Understanding of Politics in the Department of Politics and Deputy Director of the Crick Centre.

Dr Joshua Forstenzer is the Vice-Chancellor's Fellow for the Public Benefit of Higher Education in the Department of Philosophy.

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