Dr Maria Grasso Invited Speaker at Launch Event of PSA's New Political Methodology Group

Photo: Maria Grasso

Dr Maria Grasso was invited to present her research at the launch event of PSA's Political Methodology Group. She said "It was an honour for me to be invited to present my research at this important one-day launch event. The new Political Methodology Group of the PSA is an very useful initiative for all of UK political science and I am very much looking forward to future events and conferences."

The launch event of the Political Methodology Group of the Political Studies Association (PSA) took place at the British Academy in London on Wednesday November 25th from 9:30am to 4:30pm. The launch event was funded by the PSA and took the form of a one-day conference designed to showcase quantitative work in political science in the UK as well as to discuss the future of the group.

Speakers at the launch event included Ken Benoit (London School of Economics and Political Science), Harold Clarke (University of Texas at Dallas), Steve Fisher (University of Oxford), Jeff Gill (former President of the Society for Political Methodology of the American Political Science Association, Washington University in St. Louis), Maria Grasso (University of Sheffield), Will Jennings (University of Southampton), David Manley (University of Bristol), Andreas Murr(University of Oxford), Anja Neundorf (University of Nottingham), and Hugh Ward (University of Essex).

A more detailed programme is available to download here.

The Political Methodology Specialist Group of the Political Studies Association hope to launch in the new year. The Political Methodology Specialist Group will aim to bring together a network of political scientists and researchers in related disciplines who utilize quantitative methods in their research. The aim is to build on the successful work of the PSA Quantitative Methods Network, which focuses on teaching, to promote innovative theoretical and methodological approaches to the use of quantitative methods in all aspects of political science research.

Contact Dr Grasso: m.grasso@sheffield.ac.uk

Paul Whiteley (University of Essex) whiteley@essex.ac.uk
Andreas Murr (University of Oxford) andreas.murr@politics.ox.ac.uk
Stephen Fisher (University of Oxford) stephen.fisher@trinity.ox.ac.uk


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