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Professor John Hobson elected as Fellow of the British Academy

Professor John Hobson from our Department has been elected as a Fellow of the British Academy – the UK’s national body which champions and supports the humanities and social sciences.

Professor Hobson is one of just 42 highly distinguished UK academics to receive the honour this year.

John's election to this prestigious Fellowship was warmly welcomed by Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Keith Burnett who commented:

"This is a tremendous and richly deserved honour for John and for his outstanding work which spans international relations and politics, and which gives us a deeper understanding of our world. He is for example a world expert on how Chinese Science influenced the West.

"I am delighted for him and for his department and faculty who also have great strengths in this area, and who are rightly internationally respected as a result."

This fellowship is as much of an honour as it is deeply humbling. I look forward to working closely with the British Academy in various ways and to carrying forward the excellent name of the University and the Department of Politics in the coming years.

Professor john hobson fba

John gained his PhD from the London School of Economics in 1991 and joined the Department of Politics in 2004 as Reader, and is now Professor of Politics and International Relations. He has taught at La Trobe University in Melbourne and at the University of Sydney.

The main theme of Professor Hobson’s work has been a critique of Eurocentrism. He has written extensively on this, including 7 book chapters, 15 journal articles, and the acclaimed monographs The Eastern Origins of Western Civilisation (link), first published in 2004 and since translated into eight languages , and The Eurocentric Conception of World Politics: Western International Theory, 1760–2010 (link), published in 2012. He has also published on the historiography of International Relations and International Political Economy and their Eurocentric foundations.

We in the Department of Politics extend our warmest congratulations to John on this prestigious honour, rewarding his distinguished contribution to the fields of international relations and international political economy. John's fine record of scholarship is a huge achievement and richly deserving of this recognition, and we are delighted that another of our professors has been honoured in this way.


Lord Stern, President of the British Academy, said: “Elected from across the UK and world for their distinction in the humanities and social sciences, they represent an unrivalled resource of expertise and knowledge.”

“Our Fellows play a vital role in the work of the Academy; encouraging younger researchers, engaging in public discussion of the great issues and ideas of our time, and contributing to policy reports. Their collective work and expertise are testament to why research in the humanities and social sciences is vital for our understanding of the world and humanity.”

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The British Academy

The British Academy is an independent, self-governing fellowship of scholars, elected for their distinction in research and publication.

The Academy welcomed the new fellow at its Annual General Meeting (16 July 2015). Each of them is a highly distinguished academic, recognised for their outstanding research and work across the humanities and social sciences. The new Fellows span the full range of the Academy's subject areas from history to psychology, economics to law, literature to philosophy and languages to archaeology.

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