New blog post in the LSE (London School of Economics) Website

Matt Flinders and Matt Wood have published a blog on Donald Trump's victory in the US Presidential election,
drawing on recently published research in the British Journal of Politics and International Relations. In it, they argue Trump's triumph can be put down to the changing way celebrity is constructed in contemporary politics. Politicians who engage better through social media and reality television, they argue, are more successful now than in the past.

Trump captured the imagination of the electorate by engaging online with millions of voters he wouldn't have reached out to via the traditional media channels. Nonetheless, Trump is is also open to criticism, and is a more polarising candidate due to his belligerent social media presence, and populist politics. This mirrors developments more generally, as celebrity politicians like Boris Johnson find they can gain power more easily, but are also more polarising as a result of the openness of social media.

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