Picture of Australian Parliamentary Studies cohortSheffield’s Parliamentary Studies Module Rolled Out to Australia

A ground-breaking module in Parliamentary Studies, developed by the Department of Politics in collaboration with the Houses of Parliament and a leading political studies body, has been rolled out to Australia to much success.

The Parliamentary Studies module was developed through a collaboration between the Political Studies Association, the Department of Politics and the Houses of Parliament, and launched at the University of Sheffield in 2010. Due to the success of the module, it was subsequently rolled out to 14 universities in the UK and expanded to include collaborations with the Scottish Parliament, National Assembly for Wales and the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Now, the Parliamentary Studies unit is available in Australia, through a partnership between Murdoch University in Perth and the Parliament of Western Australia. Professor Matthew Flinders from the University of Sheffield is leading on the Australian initiative, which is now underway with the first cohort (pictured) currently taking the module.

Matthew Flinders said: “The Parliamentary Studies module was the first example of partnership teaching of its kind with politicians and parliamentary staff acting as guest tutors on the module. The aim was to inject a real-world dynamic into the scholarship on parliamentary and legislative studies.

“The result was a ground-breaking new module that has now been rolled out to 24 universities in the UK and to Australia. It is also being promoted by the British Council in other regions of the world.”