We are proud to present our first Departmental Seminar of 2017

Wednesday 25th January 2017,

Presentation 13:00 – 14:00
Refreshments provided from 12:30, please bring your own lunch

Venue: Room 109, Elmfield Building

Dr Liam Shields, Lecturer in Political Theory, The University of Manchester

Title: “University Admissions and Equal Opportunity”

Abstract: University education, and particularly elite university education, is a highly valuable good. Like all highly valuable goods, opportunities to enjoy it should be distributed fairly. The main way that universities themselves can address this is through their admissions policies. In this paper I set out some thoughts about what fairness in university education is by drawing on debates about equality of opportunity. I then examine the possible grounding of commonly used standards and suggest a way forward for devising benchmarks that better track fairness in admissions.

For further information please contact: Lucy Martinez (l.martinez@sheffield.ac.uk)