Professor Matthew Flinders has been appointed to a two-year fellowship with the House of Commons. The scheme, run in partnership with the Political Studies Association (PSA), has selected five fellows from universities across the UK following an open call for senior political and social scientists wishing to study the work of parliament. The fellows demonstrated how their research would help to build public understanding of Parliament’s work and help to enhance the work of the institution. Each fellow will have the opportunity to conduct primary research in Parliament and will be given access Parliament’s significant library and archive collections.

Professor Flinders’ research will consider the question ‘How can Parliament deliver a restored and renewed Palace of Westminster?’. The fellowship with allow him to not only study the internal decision-making process surrounding Restoration and Renewal but also to act as a bridge between Parliament and the social sciences in order to ensure that decisions are based on a strong evidence base that utilises international best practice. Part of this fellowship will also be working with a range of parliamentary teams to ensure that the very best available research is used to inform and underpin a programme of informed public engagement.

For more information about the Parliamentary Academic Fellowship Scheme, please visit the POST Fellowships section of the Parliament website.