Dr Steve Ludlam opens Latin America Day School

Dr Steve Ludlam opened the successful Latin America Day School at the United Reform Church Centre in Sheffield.

In his opening remarks Dr Ludlam surveyed the impact and problems of the so-called ‘pink tide’ of left-of-centre governments in the continent, several of which are now in retreat, and of states that have remained right-wing controlled and continue to suffer serious social violence associated with the drug trade and people-trafficking. In a workshop on Cuba, he later analysed the ongoing process of normalisation of Cuba-US relations, along with Her Excellency Teresita Vicente the Cuban Ambassador.

Photograph of Steve Ludlam presenting.

Department of Geography PhD researcher Martha Avalos-Pelaez also spoke on the campaign for justice for the 43 missing Mexican students whose abduction has attracted world attention. Dr Peter Watt, Hispanic Studies, also spoke in the Mexico session on the subject of his book Drug War Mexico (co-authored by a Politics PHD graduate Roberto Zepeda). And Department of Politics graduate Dr John Smith, whose prizewinning book on Imperialism in the 21st Century has just been published, analysed the impact of the global economic crisis on Latin America. Other sessions covered Colombia, the political economy of extractive industries, environmental struggles, the battle against the oppression of women, and the crisis of Venezuela’s ‘Bolivarian Revolution’.

More than 100 people from Sheffield and the region participated in the day school, which was organised by Sheffield Cuba Solidarity Campaign, with the support of the student union Latin America Society.

Steve Ludlam

Dr Steve Ludlam is a Senior Lecturer in Poliitcs, joining the Department in 1993 after studying his first degree and PhD here. 

He is a member of the Cuba Research Forum, and The Society for Latin American Studies, and an honorary member of the Faculty of the Third Age, University of Havana. His main research interests are in the politics of post-Cold War Cuba, and contemporary left politics in Latin America.

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