Dr Alistair McMillan - Full List of Publications


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  • McLean IS, McMillan A & Monroe BL (2012) A Mathematical Approach to Proportional Representation: Duncan Black on Lewis Carroll. Springer Science & Business Media.
  • McMillan A (2009) The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics. Oxford University Press, USA.
  • McMillan A (2005) Standing at the Margins Representation and Electoral Reservation in India. Oxford University Press, USA.
  • McLean I & McMillan A (2005) State of the union Unionism and the alternatives in the United Kingdom since 1707. Oxford University Press, USA.

Journal articles


  • McMillan A (2010) The Election Commission In Jayal NG & Mehta PB (Ed.), The Oxford companion to politics in India Oxford Univ Pr
  • McMillan A & McLean IS (2009) How we got here In Curtice J & Seyd B (Ed.), Has devolution worked? (pp. 17-43). Manchester: Manchester University Press.
  • McMillan A (2008) Delimitation in India In Handley L & Grofman B (Ed.), Redistricting in Comparative Perspective (pp. 77-95). Oxford University Press, USA