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Professor Andrew Geddes

Professor of Politics

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Email : a.geddes@sheffield.ac.uk

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Twitter: @profgeddes
Website: www.migrationgovernance.org


Andrew Geddes joined the Department in 2004. He specialises in the comparative and international analysis of politics and policy-making with a particular interest in international migration. In 2013 he was awarded a European Research Council Advanced Grant for a five-year project entitled Prospects for International Migration Governance that will explore the drivers of global migration governance (see www.migrationgovernance.org).

Between January 2008 and September 2011, Andrew served as Head of Department. He was awarded a Fernand Braudel Senior fellowship in the Department of Social and Political Sciences at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy (2011-12), a visiting fellowship at the KFG Transformative Power of Europe research centre in the Otto Sühr Institute for Political Science at the Free University of Berlin (June-July 2012) and a Robert Schuman fellowship in the Migration Policy Centre at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute, Florence, Italy (2012-13).

Between 2009 and 2011 he was a member of the Lead Expert Group appointed by the UK Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor that oversaw production of a report entitled Migration and Global Environmental Change: Future Challenges and Opportunities. The full report can be found here.

Professional activities and recognition

2009- 2011 - Member of the Lead Expert Group appointed by the UK Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor, Sir John Beddington to analyse Global Environmental Migration


I have a strong commitment in my teaching to inquiry-based learning. This means providing a learning environment within which students work with me and work together on practical, real-life problems. I apply this to my main areas of teaching, which have been European integration and the politics of international migration. My aim is to encourage students to develop a better understanding of how and why international migration is one of the most pressing and urgent issues in international politics. Through analysis of the reasons why people migrate from one country to another as well as exploration of the underlying dynamics of state responses we can understand far more about international politics. We can see how, for example, international migration is embedded within the global politics of unequal development, but can also see how it has become an important component of the ways in which the major destination countries for immigrants define and understand themselves as societies.


My current research focuses on the drivers of global migration governance comparing dynamics in Europe, North America, South America and Asia-Pacific.

Key Projects and Grants

Title of project: Prospects for International Migration Governance
Awarding Body: European Research Council
Duration: 5 years
Total award: €2.14 million

Title of project: Science-Society Dialogues on Immigrant Integration
Awarding body: Volkswagen Stiftung
People involved: Andrew Geddes in a consortium led by Han Entzinger and Peter Scholten at Erasmus University Rotterdam
Duration: 2 years, 2011-13
Total award: €41000

Title of project: PROSINT (analysing the immigrant admissions/integration policy nexus)
Awarding body: European Commission
People involved: Andrew Geddes with consortium led by the International Centre for Migration Policy development, Vienna
Duration: 2009-2011
Total award: £24k

Title of project: Multi-level governance in SE Europe
Awarding body: ESRC
People Involved: Andrew Taylor, Ian Bache, Andrew Geddes, Charles Lees
Duration: 3 years, 2006-9
Total award: £271,000 (with AJT, CL and IB)

Title of project: Migration control and narratives of societal steering
Awarding body: ESRC (seminar series)
People involved: Christina Boswell (Edinburgh) and Andrew Geddes
Duration: 2 years, 2007-8
Total award: £17500


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Key Publications

  • (with Andrew Taylor and Charles Lees) Political Change in South East Europe: The Dynamics of Multi-Level Governance and Europeanisation, London: Routledge, 2013.
  • Andrew Geddes (ed.), International Migration 4 Volumes, Sage Library of International Relations, London: Sage, 2011, 4 volume set.
  • Christina Bowell and Andrew Geddes, Migration and Mobility in the European Union, London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011, pp. xiv + 272.
  • R. Black, W.N. Adger, N. Arnell, S. Dercon, A. Geddes and D. Thomas (2011) ‘The effect of environmental change on human migration’, Global Environmental Change, 2011, 21(4).
  • Christina Boswell, Andrew Geddes and Peter Scholten (eds.) (2011), States, Knowledge and Narratives of Migration: The Construction of Migration in European Policy-Making, special edition of the British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 13 (1), 2011, pp. 125.
  • Andrew Geddes and Jonathan Tonge (eds.) Britain Votes 2010, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010, pp. xvi + 320.

Recent Invited Papers and Keynote Lectures

  • Keynote speech at the Metropolis International Conference on Migration and Mobility Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2009
  • Invited contribution to conference Immigration Policy in an Age of Globalisation, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Dallas, USA, May 2011
  • Invited contribution to the United Nations’ Inter-Agency Meeting on international migration, United Nations headquarters, New York, February 2012
  • Invited contribution to the Europe Day conference, Fundação Getulio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 2012
  • Invited contribution to the launch event of the Migration Policy Centre, European University Institute, Florence, Italy, June 2012
PhD Supervision

I am interested in supervising students working on any aspect of the politics of international migration.


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