Professor Graham Harrison - Full List of Publications


  • Harrison G (2013) The African Presence. Manchester: Manchester Univiversity Press.
  • Harrison G (2010) Neoliberal Africa: The Impact of Global Social Engineering. Zed Books.
  • Harrison G (2004) The world bank and Africa: The construction of governance states.
  • Harrison G (2002) Issues in the Contemporary Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa The Dynamics of Struggle and Resistance. Springer.
  • Harrison G (2000) The Politics of Democratisation in Rural Mozambique Grassroots Governance in Mecúfi. Edwin Mellen Press.

Journal articles


  • Harrison G (2012) Financing peace?: The world bank, reconstruction, and liberal peacebuilding, Peacebuilding, Power, and Politics in Africa (pp. 158-170).
  • Perraton JR (2005) What's Left of 'State Capacity'? The Developmental State After Globalization and the East Asian Crisis In Harrison G (Ed.), Global Encounters: International Political Economy, Development and Globalization (pp. 95-113). Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan.

Book reviews