Andreas Dafnos

Department of Politics and International Relations

PhD research student

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Andreas Dafnos
Department of Politics and International Relations
Elmfield Building
Northumberland Road
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Andreas Dafnos is a PhD Research Student and Seminar Tutor, teaching POL229: Political Analysis: Research Design and Data Analysis, at the University of Sheffield. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Athens University of Economics and Business (Greece) and a double Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Human Development from the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance and the United Nations University (Netherlands).

His academic interests cover the fields of social movement theory, political extremism and radicalization, far-right politics, and quantitative research methods.

PhD Title: Far-right groups in the UK: Investigating cumulative extremism

Supervisors: Prof Maria Grasso and Dr Nasos Roussias

Brief Summary: The far-right constitutes a persistent threat to European states, and as a result academics have tried to explain which factors contribute to its success and failure. Although several theories that focus on different levels of analysis have been developed and tested so far, they often come to contrasting conclusions given that fine-grained research is not always possible due to lack of data.

Along with that, past literature is mainly preoccupied with far-right parties and their strategies to attract voters leaving unanswered questions that relate to the extra-institutional manifestations of this political family. Therefore, an alternative approach is needed to fill this gap in the literature and to enhance our understandings of the far-right activities that take place outside of the parliamentary arena.

This PhD thesis builds its theoretical framework around the concept of cumulative extremism and aims to provide an explanation of far-right mobilization, with the UK as its case study. The main research question of this study is: what is the role of opposition groups in the radicalization process of far-right activists in the UK?


MSc in Public Policy and Human Development (Maastricht University in collaboration with United Nations University)
BSc in Business Administration (Athens University of Economics and Business)


Journal Articles:

Dafnos, Andreas (2014). “Narratives as a Means of Countering the Radical Right; Looking into the Trojan T-Shirt Project.” Journal EXIT-Deutschland, 3: 156-188.

Dafnos, Andreas (2013). “Lone Wolf Terrorism as Category: Learning from the Breivik Case.” Journal Exit-Deutschland, 3: 96-114.

Conference Papers:

Karampampas, S. and Dafnos, A. (2016), “Re-conceptualising the Greek Cycle of Protest: The December 2008 as a Transformative Event and its Effect on the Development of Collective Action,” 10th ECPR General Conference, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, 8 September.