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PhD Research Student


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BA, Political Science and International Relations, University of Padova
MA, Human Rights and Multi-Level Governance, University of Padova


Andrea Pettrachin has been awarded a European Research Council PhD Studentship at the University of
Sheffield in 2016 to conduct research on migration governance in Europe as part of the MIGPROSP project.
His research investigates the governance of asylum in Italy, in the framework of the ongoing refugee crisis,
analysed with a specific focus on the context of decision and on actors’ framing and sensemaking processes
in a multi-level governance scenario.

Andrea holds a Bachelor in Political Science and International Relations and a Master of Arts in Human
Rights and Multi-Level Governance. He previously worked as an intern in a non-governmental organization
based in Ceuta, which offers juridical support and first help to migrants on both sides of the Spain-Morocco
border. He then worked as a trainee in the international press agency Inter Press Service, for which he
published some articles on the conditions of migrants along the European external borders.

Andrea has also been involved in two research projects focusing on the connections between human rights
and Internet governance, the topic at the core of the dissertation research for his MA.

PhD Research

PhD Title: “Understanding the Refugee Crisis: An Actor-Centred Analysis of the Constitution of Asylum
Governance in Italy”.

Supervisors: Professor Andrew Geddes and Dr Owen Parker

Conferences and Activities

Conference papers

Pettrachin, A. (2017) ‘Towards an International Declaration of Internet Rights and Freedoms?’, paper
presented at the Annual Conference of the Italian Political Science Association, University of Urbino,
September 2017.
Pettrachin, A. (2017) ‘Understanding the Refugee Crisis’, paper presented at the White Rose Annual Politics
and International Relations Colloquium, The University of Sheffield, May 2017.
Pettrachin, A. (2015) ‘Rights and Principles in the Normative Evolution of the Internet Governance’, paper
presented at the Annual Conference of the Italian Association of Political Communication, December 2015.

Non-Academic Publications

Pettrachin, A. (2015), ‘Ceuta, An Enclave For Migrating Birds Not Humans’, Inter Press Service: June 2015.
Pettrachin, A. (2015), ‘Italy Joins Internet Rights ‘Club’’, Inter Press Service: September 2015.
Pettrachin, A. (2015), Migrants Waiting Their Moment in the Moroccan Mountains, Inter Press Service:
September 2015.
Pettrachin, A. (2014), ‘Il massacro di Srebrenica fu un genocidio, condannati cinque ufficiali serbo-bosniaci’,
Epoch Times Italia: December 2014.
Pettrachin, A. (2014), ‘Ex ultranazionalista serbo rilasciato dall'Aja: sono tornato «per la vendetta»’, Epoch
Times Italia
: December 2014;

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