Recent PhD Graduates

Congratulations to our recent PhD graduates!

The following PhD students have been successful in their vivas and recommendations have been made by their examiners that they be awarded.

2018-19 PhD graduates

2017-18 PhD graduates




Thesis Title


Remigius Adekoya PhD Between the ethnic and the national: A discourse analysis of how Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe and Ahmadu Bello constructed sub-national identities in Nigeria between the years 1945 to 1967
Sotirios Karampampas PhD Why is the Phenomenon of Revolutionary Groups Resilient in Greece? A Relational Study of Two Contentious Episodes (1965-2015).
Perla Polanco PhD Resource Nationalism in Mexico: The Construction of a National Identity and its Impact on Climate Change Policy
Jonathan Webb PhD The European Union and democratisation in Serbia: Ascertaining the substance of the EU's 'new approach' through an analysis of Serbia's rule of law reforms.
James Weinberg PhD The Personal Side of Politics: A Study of Basic Human Values in the UK Parliament


Adam Barber PhD Have Banks in the UK Learned Lessons from the 2008 Financial Crisis?
Burak Baskan PhD Islam as a Site of Cultural Hegemonic Struggle in the Post-28 February Process in Turkey: A Gramscian Approach
Zakaria Bin Ibrahim MPhil Tsunami Politics in Malaysia: A complex political emergency approach
Sue Conlan PhD Organising for Exclusion? Making sense of asylum policy in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom
Daniel Gebrie PhD The Everyday State in Africa: Governance practices and the construction of state-idea in Ethiopia
Jose Garcia Velazquez PhD The Power of Civil Society; An empirical analysis of its political achievements in a dangerous public sphere
Brenda Gonzalez Ginocchio PhD The Social and Developmental Dimensions of Drug Violence in Mexico: Explaining patterns of policy failure, 2006-1012
Zana Gulmohamad PhD The Making of Iraq's Foreign Policies Post-Saddam
Suzianah Ismail PhD Understanding the Emergence, Development and Trajectories of New Social Movements (NSMs) in Industrial Countries (Non-Post-Materialist Societies): The case of animal protection movement (APM) in Malaysia
Samuel Jarvis PhD The Responsibility to Protect and the Limits to Moral Progress: Assessing 'common humanity' as a driver of state behaviour
Scott Linger PhD Resisting the Global Leviathan: Tackling dominium and structural domination without imperium
Andrée-Ann Mélançon PhD Discrimination in the Age of Drone Warfare
Norhafiza Modh Hed PhD The Dynamics of Youth Political Participation in Southeast Asia: The case of Malaysia
Claire Nicolaou PhD Countering the Narrative on International Interventions: Paternalism as a Constant of British Interventionary Discourse and Practice from the 19th Century Onwards
Sara Reis PhD Gender Mainstreaming in the EU: A Paradox for Women's Organisations
Davide Schmid PhD The Possibility of Critical Theory in International Relations: Habermas, Linklater and the crisis of critique
Barbara Yoxon (née Buracynska) PhD Disaggregating Authoritarianism: The effects of territorial dispute involvement on regime survival and democratisation in four types of autocracies

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