Environmental Politics at Sheffield.

About Us

The Department of Politics at the University of Sheffield is home to one of the largest contingents of environmental politics scholars in the country. We are united by our concerns about global environmental change, and we have expertise on a wide range of issues, including: energy security; conservation; multilateral environmental agreements; EU environmental policy; political ecology, science policy; transport; animal rights; environmental activism; forest governance; illegal wildlife trade; food sovereignty; climate change; environmental justice; and more besides. Our researchers also have experience in several regions of the world: East Asia; Oceania; the Middle East; the Caribbean; Europe; Latin America; Africa – and with specific expertise on Nigeria, China, Australia, Madagascar, Turkey, Bolivia amongst others. Our research is interdisciplinary in nature; and many of us have backgrounds and close connections with Geography, Philosophy and Sociology. We have close ties with a range of international environmental NGOs and policy-makers, and we are strongly linked with colleagues across the University of Sheffield, such as those in the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures, the Sheffield Institute for International Development, The University of Sheffield Sustainable Food Futures and the Sheffield Animal Studies Research Centre. We welcome applications from prospective PhD candidates, please contact relevant staff members.

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