“The module deepened my understanding of complex issues, and also taught me skills I can apply to both future academic and professional work.”

“This was one of my favourite modules, it was really informative, something different, and challenging.”

Approaches to Political Economy.

What is capitalism? How does it work? And how should we study it? The module equips you with an advanced understanding of competing approaches to the study of political economy. The module compares the ideas and arguments of a range of classical and modern political economists; whilst considering the analytical purchase offered by contemporary approaches to the study of political economy.

By exposing you to a wide range of different tools, methods, and theories, this core module encourages you to think critically about the way in which we make sense of the global political economy, and the extent to which the conventional narrative of capitalist development has universal and contemporary relevance.


This module is typically taught through a weekly programme of one-hour lectures and two-hour seminars over the semester.


The module is typically assessed through two pieces of individual coursework.

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