Masters Modules.

Business, Labour and Migration.

This module investigates the global political economy of labour, migration, and transnational corporations in the 21st century. It traces the changes in the organisation and governance of global production networks that have facilitated various forms of labour exploitation (including forced labour, human trafficking, and slavery), and examines the politics and effectiveness of government, activist, and corporate initiatives to combat it. The module also considers the business demand for labour exploitation, why it is more prominent in some industries and supply chains than others, and the individual and systemic factors that shape vulnerability to it in developed and developing countries and in the global economy. In doing so, this module will equip you with a detailed understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of different theoretical approaches to the political economy of labour and corporations today, and various research methods used to study these.


  • This module is typically taught through a weekly programme of lectures and seminars over the 12-week semester.


  • The module is typically assessed through individual coursework and presentations.

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