Masters Modules.

Capitalism and Crisis.

This module explores the relationship between capitalism and crisis through the prism of the causes of, and fallout from, the 2008 crash. It commences by introducing and unpacking the core concepts of the module – capitalism, crisis – and presenting a brief historical overview of pre-2008 economic crises in order to provide some necessary context and comparison points. Building on this, it surveys competing explanations of the 2008 crisis, by starting narrow (i.e. regulation of banking) and then broadening out (i.e. evolution of capitalism). The module then examines the fallout from the 2008 crisis, including the extent to which the crisis was truly global and the variety of political responses to the crash.


  • This module is typically taught through a weekly programme of lectures and seminars over the 12-week semester.


  • The module is typically assessed through two pieces of individual coursework.