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"Really good module providing new perspectives."

"Really well structured, very insightful. Loved the use of mutliple lecturers."

Debating International Relations.

"This core module offers an advanced level appreciation of the theory and practice of international relations. It provides you with a detailed understanding of the rival theoretical perspectives in the study of international relations and the issues that divide them, and encourages you to consider whether the seemingly irreconcilable differences these competing approaches can be overcome.

It starts with the classical and mainstream approaches before considering a range of historical, sociological, feminist and postcolonial alternatives. On this module, you will also examine a range of important issues in contemporary international politics, and in doing so consider the future of the study of international relations in the context of profoundly important patterns of global change.


This module is typically taught through a weekly programme of lectures and seminars over the semester. The main theories are taught first with guest lecturers providing alternative perspectives. Debate is provided through a roundtable discussion at the end of the module.


The module is typically assessed through two pieces of individual coursework. These are structured to reflect the contested nature of the discipline.

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