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"I thought the module was very interesting and I enjoyed the inclusion of guests."

"The course has been intellectually stimulating, challenging and above all extremely enjoyable."

Democratic Governance in the Twenty-first Century: Problems, Innovations and Solutions.

Political systems around the world strive to be democratic, but what is meant by democracy and how this can be achieved? This module considers the nature of the democratic crisis faced by countries around the world and maps the latest innovations designed to address this challenge. You will study tensions between new and old democratic arenas and consider the indicators of a thriving democracy.

The module is grounded in the tradition of engaged scholarship and uses real world examples and solution-focused analysis. The module consists of a weekly seminar, followed by a weekly workshop. The workshop will see students set a real world problem which applies the knowledge covered in seminars and independent reading. By studying the theory and practice of democratic innovation in this dynamic manner, you will in turn develop keen professional and research skills.


This module is typically taught through a varied programme of workshops, seminars and lectures over the semester.


The module is typically assessed through two pieces of individual coursework.

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