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Global Health and Global Politics.

Health is a hugely political issue. Global, national and local politics play a big part in determining how long and how healthy our lives are, and how likely we are able to get the care and medicines we need when we do fall ill. Situated within contemporary approaches to international relations and international political economy, this module will introduce you to the global politics of health, addressing health as both a global issue, and also as a quintessentially political one.

We look at how health is currently 'globally governed', the different ways in which we interpret and intervene in health around the world (for example, through international development assistance or humanitarian aid efforts), and some of the key contemporary global health challenges. The module has a strong policy focus in which students are encouraged to critically engage with current policy approaches to tackling global health problems, and to develop their own ideas and policy recommendations.


This module is typically taught through weekly 3-hour workshops. The teaching methods are interactive and varied, including group discussions, policy analysis, and simulation tasks.


The module is assessed through a policy briefing paper and an assessed essay.

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