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"I thought the first assignment was really interesting in the way that we might need to write papers like this later in our professional life."

"Really enjoyed the module, tackled big problems in the world today."

The Political Economy of Poverty and Inequality.

This module offers a critical analysis of the nature and dynamics of poverty and inequality across the contemporary world. It uses examples from a range of different nation state and cultural contexts and considers the domestic and international dynamics at play in producing and reproducing poverty and inequality.

On this module, you will consider the political implications of different concepts of poverty and inequality and analyses the role and practices of international agencies, nation state governments, non-governmental organisations and collective action groups in seeking to reduce or eradicate poverty and address inequality.


This module is taught through a weekly programme which typically consists of a combination of lectures, seminars and student presentations over the semester.


The module is typically assessed through individual coursework that consists of an essay and the preparation of a policy briefing paper. For the policy breifing paper each participant selects a country, region or city and presents a comprehansive review of the current poverty and inequality situation in that locality.

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