Undergraduate Modules

Never Mind the Ballots! State & Society in the UK

This module explores changing state-society relationships across the UK, and their impact on government institutions. Traditionally, the British state has been viewed through the lens of the Westminster Model, which is top-down, power-hoarding, adversarial, exclusive, and with little emphasis on public participation. Yet changes to the fabric of the state through processes such as Europeanisation, devolution and the transformation of the public sector have challenged these assumptions. This module therefore considers where power resides within the state; how citizens interact with the state; and how the contemporary state should be understood in terms of accountability, legitimacy and governability.

Second Year Module
Semester Two
Module Code POL231


  • 12 one-hour lectures
  • 12 one-hour seminars


  • 2000 word essay
  • two-hour exam