Undergraduate Modules

Terrorism, Violence and the State

This module provides an introduction to contemporary forms of terrorism. After looking at the contentious subject of how we define terrorism, the module looks at terrorism as a form of resistance against the state. In doing this it examines the nature of the modern state, and the citizen’s obligation to obey the state. It looks at non-violent resistance to the state before looking at violent resistance and terrorism. The module looks at motivations and justifications given for terrorism, as well as terrorist groups’ tactics, strategies and goals. It also looks at terrorist actions perpetrated by state actors, state responses to terrorism, the ‘war on terror’ post-9/11, and the relationship of the media with terrorist groups and counter-terrorist operations.

Third Year Module
Semester Two
Module Code POL3019


  • 12 two-hour seminars


  • 2 x  2000 word essays