Undergraduate Modules

War, Peace and Justice

On this module you will study the complex relationship between war, peace and justice in the twenty-first century. You will explore key debates on the causes of contemporary conflict, evolutions in norms and understandings of the legitimate use of force, the politics of peace-building, and various means of interpreting these developments. Covering key concepts like ‘just war theory’ and ‘liberal peace’, this detailed conceptual overview will be grounded within a series of case study contexts that ensure that students experience a rigorous practical and theoretical overview of the current state of Peace and Conflict Studies.


The module will be updated for 2016/17 under a new module tutor and the topics are subject to change.

The topics covered in 2015/16 included:

  • New and Old Wars
  • Just War Theory
  • The Responsibility to Protect (R2P)
  • Virtual/Virtuous War
  • Culturally-Sensitive War
  • Remote War
  • Gender and Violence
  • Pop Culture and the Aesthetic Turn
  • Liberal Peace-Building
  • Everywhere War

Final Year Module
Spring Semester
Module Code POL3121


  • 11 two-hour seminar classes


  • 2 x 2000 word essays (100%)