Undergraduate Modules

Practical Politics: How to make policy and influence people

This course provides a practical and hands-on guide to how government works (and to why it sometimes does not work). We have designed the course with the help of civil servants, journalists and politicians (including David Blunkett who is going to co-teach the course) to provide some insights as to how policy gets formulated and implemented and how academic work on public policy can sometimes help you to make sense of what is happening. Kate and I are going to organise the course and chair the discussions but a lot of the teaching will be done by people working in public policy who are going to visit us in Sheffield or arrange for us to talk to them in London. As a part of the assessment for the course we are going to ask you to work together in small teams to prepare a Cabinet Policy Paper setting-out advice to government ministers on how to deal with a policy problem we design for you.

Final Year | Autumn Semester

Module Code: POL3143


  • 1 x 1000 word case study
  • 1 x 3000 word essay