Undergraduate Modules

Sex, Race & Death: Feminist Perspectives on War, Violence and (In) Security

This unit produces a critical take on war, violence, race and security from feminist perspectives. Particular attention is focused on feminist theories that foreground the interconnectedness or “intersectionality” of different power relations, including postcolonial, transnational and queer approaches. How are different forms and sites of violence connected? How do technologies of gender, sex and race shape understandings of certain forms of political violence as lawful, legitimate and necessary? What are the gendered legacies of (ongoing) histories of colonialism and imperialism? What are the (feminist) ethics of researching and possibly reproducing violence and suffering? Among the themes we will explore are the erotics of conquest and slavery; military masculinities; sexual violence in conflict; private military and security companies; torture and surveillance; women as agents of violence; Orientalism and the War on Terror; human rights and international law; imperial feminisms and just war theory; occupation and resistance.

Third Year Module
Semester Two
Module Code POL3153


  • 12 two-hour seminars


  • 1500 word essay
  • 2500 word essay