Why Choose Sheffield

We believe the study of politics and international relations should be interesting, invigorating and vital. Using innovative teaching methods, backed by world-class research, we aim to bring politics to life.

Our academic staff are engaged in cutting-edge research. Their research shapes and inspires what you're taught. In the last nationwide assessments, our Department was awarded the highest grades for research and teaching quality. Our lecturers are political scientists with international reputations, so what we teach you is relevant today and tomorrow.

We welcome disabled students. We are committed to responding effectively and appropriately to individual support needs. More information on this link.

Your course

The Department’s approach to learning is grounded on integrating staff scholarship with teaching and encourages you to take possession of your learning.

You will be taught by research active scholars who publish widely and are often major figures in their specialist fields. Some seminars, especially at Level 1, are led by our Teaching Associates. These are Ph.D. candidates who have undertaken training in teaching methods, closely supervised and monitored by the module leader.

All Politics students, irrespective of their specific degree, follow a common skills ‘spine’ through dedicated modules in each year. These develop the skills needed to study and analyse politics.

Central to teaching in Politics is fostering the development of your transferable skills. These are academic skills directly relevant to your future employability, such as research, communication, evaluation, analysis, and teamwork. These are developed further in individual modules.

The Department expects its students to engage fully with the teaching and learning process by attending classes and engaging with the wider intellectual life of the Department and University.

Feedback on your work is vital. It is available in many forms. All staff hold dedicated weekly consultation hours, and extensive written and oral feedback is available to students on all their work, including exams.

Your Personal Development

Students come to University to study a subject that interests them but education is not confined to the discipline, particularly so in the case of Politics.

Our students are highly motivated, keen to apply their studies, to be actively involved with the wider world. Not surprisingly, then, Politics students are typically involved in a wide-range of activities distinct from, but related to, their academic studies (such as volunteering).

The Department helps students to undertake relevant placements and internships. A dedicated member of academic staff helps students organise placements and internships, and monitors progress.

Your Community

We have a diverse student body. Social and international diversity is of enormous value and reflects the Department’s global reach. We believe this diversity is one of our greatest assets.

The Department -- staff and students -- pursuing excellence in scholarship and education, see themselves as promoting global citizenship and awareness, exploring politics in a variety of national contexts, from the local to the global.

The fact that Politics students are very well taught is a judgement reflected in and confirmed by module reports, external examiners’ reports, university reviews and national surveys. Students play a central role in the Department’s development through, for example, committee membership. Their contributions are valued highly in developing its work and world-wide reputation.

There is a flourishing student run Politics Society. This award-winning society organises a wide range of events, including speakers, visits, and, of course, social events.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment is a partnership document struck between teachers and students as members of the University.

It sets out what we all commit to do to ensure the best learning experience. It has been written by staff and students and is collectively owned by the University and the Students’ Union.

Our commitment is best understood as a statement of collective ethos, setting out the qualities and responsibilities underpinning the education on University of Sheffield degree programmes. It has been endorsed by the President and Vice-Chancellor of the University and the President of the Students' Union, on behalf of all staff and students.

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