Request HEAR recognition for being a Departmental/Faculty ambassador

How to request HEAR recognition for being a departmental or faculty Student Ambassador.


Criteria for recognition 

If you’re an Ophthalmology and Orthoptics student, HEAR recognition is organised differently. For details, search for 'Orthoptics' in the online database of verifiable activities.

To gain recognition for being a departmental/faculty Student Ambassador, you must:

  • be appointed to undertake your ambassador work by a member of staff
  • complete any required training for the ambassador role(s) you take on (if applicable) contribute a minimum of 10 cumulative hours as an ambassador within a single academic year, or a minimum of 20 cumulative hours in order to gain recognition for being a Senior Student Ambassador

Request HEAR recognition  

You must complete and submit the relevant departmental application form below by the end of May. If you’re a dual student, apply to your lead department. 

You only need to submit one application form per academic year. 

The form asks for:

  • Details of the activities you’ve completed during the year.
  • Staff contact details, so these activities can be verified.
  • Confirmation that you’re not using activities that are already being verified under a different HEAR scheme (eg University Student Ambassador work) – the form provides a full list of other ambassador HEAR schemes. Details of the HEAR recognition process for these activities can be found in the online database of verifiable activities

Please list departmental and faculty activities together, as they both count towards the total number of hours.

Find your department in the list below and fill out the relevant form to request HEAR recognition. 




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