Business postgraduate courses

Accounting, Governance and Financial Management - MSc

Advanced Manufacturing Management - Executive MBA

Business Administration - MBA

Business Finance and Economics - MSc

Commercial Real Estate - MA

Creative and Cultural Industries Management - MSc

Cultural Heritage Management - MA

East Asian Business - MSc

Economics - MSc

Economics and Health Economics - MSc

Economics and Public Policy - MSc

Executive MBA in Advanced Manufacturing Management

Finance - MSc

Finance and Accounting - MSc

Financial Economics - MSc

Global Marketing Management - MSc

Human Resource Management with CIPD Pathway - MSc

Information Systems Management - MSc

International Finance and Economics - MSc

International Management - MSc

International Management and Marketing - MSc

Logistics and Supply Chain Management - MSc

Management - MSc

Management (International Business) - MSc

Marketing Management Practice - MSc

Master of Public Health (Management and Leadership) - MPH

MBA Business Administration

MBA, Executive in Advanced Manufacturing Management

Money, Banking and Finance - MSc

Music Management - MA

Occupational Psychology - MSc

Work Psychology - MSc

<strong>Helen-Laura Cobb</strong>, MSc International Management