Medicine, health and biomedical science 2018 postgraduate courses

Acquired Communication Disorders MSc/Diploma/Cert

Advanced Emergency Care - MSc/Diploma/Certificate

Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner - MMedSci

Advanced Nursing Studies - Cert/Dip/MMedSci

Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioner - MMedSci

Advancing Practice (Modular Framework) - PGCert/Dip/MMedSci

Bioengineering: Biomedical Imaging and Sensing - MSc (Eng)

Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine - MSc

Biomedical Science - MSc

Cardiovascular Medicine: From Molecules to Man - MRes

Clinical Neurology - MSc

Clinical Research - MSc/Diploma/Certificate

Cognitive Neuroscience and Human Neuroimaging - MSc(Res)

Cost-Effectiveness Modelling for Health Technology Assessment - PGCert (online)

Dementia Studies - MA

Dental Materials Science - MSc

Dental Public Health - MDPH

Dental Technology - MSc

Diagnostic Oral Pathology - MMedSci

Economics and Health Economics - MSc

Endodontics - DClinDent

Europubhealth+ (European Public Health Master)

General Practice Advanced Nurse Practitioner - MMedSci

Genomic Approaches to Drug Discovery - MSc

Genomic Medicine - MSc

Health Economics and Decision Modelling - MSc/Diploma/Certificate

Health Informatics - MSc (distance learning)

Human and Molecular Genetics – MSc

Human Nutrition - MSc/PG Diploma

International Dental Public Health - MClinDent

International Health Management and Leadership - MSc/Diploma/Certificate (distance learning)

International Health Technology Assessment, Pricing and Reimbursement - MSc/Diploma/Certificate (distance learning)

Language and Communication Impairment in Children - MSc/Diploma/Certificate

Managing Long-Term Health Conditions - Postgraduate Certificate

Medical Education - PG Cert

Medicine in Society - MA

Molecular Medicine - MSc

Molecular Medicine (Clinical Applications) - MSc

Musculoskeletal Ageing - MRes

Neonatal Intensive Care - Postgraduate Certificate

Neuroscience - MSc

Nursing Studies leading to professional registration as an Adult Nurse - Postgraduate Diploma

Orthodontics - DClinDent

Orthodontics - MClinDent

Paediatric Dentistry - DClinDent

Paediatric Dentistry - MClinDent

Paediatric Nurse Practitioner, Advanced - MMedSci

Periodontics - DClinDent

Physician Associate Studies - Postgraduate Diploma

Public Health - MPH/Diploma/Certificate

Public Health (online) - MPH/Diploma/Certificate

Public Health (Health Services Research) - MPH

Public Health (Management and Leadership) - MPH

Prosthodontics - DClinDent

Reproductive and Developmental Medicine - MSc

Speech Difficulties - MSc/Diploma/Certificate

Speech and Language Therapy - MMedsci

Statistics with Medical Applications - MSc

Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine - MSc

Translational Neuropathology - MSc

Translational Neuroscience - MSc

Translational Oncology - MSc(Res)

Vision and Strabismus - MMedSci/Diploma/PG Cert (distance learning)

Tasnuva Dilruba Kabir, MSc Molecular Medicine

I want to do a PhD in the near future. I want to continue at the University of Sheffield, if possible. I want to use my MSc degree to become a clinical researcher.

Tasnuva Dilruba Kabir, MSc Molecular Medicine