Social science postgraduate courses

Accounting, Governance and Financial Management - MSc

Advanced Professional Practice - MA

Applied GIS - MSc

Applied Professional Studies in Education (part-time) - MA (distance learning)

Architecture and planning courses

Broadcast Journalism - MA/Postgraduate Diploma

Business Administration - MBA

Business Finance and Economics - MSc

Cities and Global Development - MA

Clinical Communication Studies - MMedSci

Cognitive Studies - MA

Creative and Cultural Industries Management - MSc

Data Science - MSc

Dementia Studies - MA

Digital Library Management - MSc

Digital Media and Society - MA

Early Childhood Education - EdD (School of Education website)

Early Childhood Education (part time) - MA (distance learning)

East Asian Business - MSc

Economics - MSc

Economics and Health Economics - MSc

Economics and Public Policy - MSc

Education - MA

Education, Applied Professional Studies in (part-time) - MA (distance learning)

Education: Early Childhood - MA

Education, Early Childhood (part-time) - MA (distance learning)

Education, Globalising: Policy and Practice - MA

Education: Language and Education - MA

Education, Psychology and - MA

Education, Psychology and - MSc (conversion course)

Education, Postgraduate Certificate in (PGCE) - see Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

Education, International Post Graduate Certificate in (iPGCE )

Educational and Child Psychology, Doctor of

Educational Studies - EdD (School of Education website)

Education, Postgraduate Diploma in (PGDE)

Education, Teaching and Learning - MA

Environmental Change and International Development - MSc

European and Global Affairs - MA

Finance - MSc

Finance and Accounting - MSc

Financial Economics - MSc

Global Journalism - MA

Global Marketing Management - MSc

Global Political Economy - MA

Globalising Education: Policy and Practice - MA

Health Economics and Decision Modelling - MSc

Health Informatics - MSc (distance learning)

Higher Education - EdD (School of Education website)

Human Resource Management with CIPD Pathway - MSc

Information Management - MSc

Information Systems - MSc

Information Systems Management - MSc

Intercultural Communication and International Development - MA

International Development - MA

International Development - MPH (Masters in Public Health)

International Finance and Economics - MSc

International Management - MSc

International Management and Marketing - MSc

International Public and Political Communication - MA

International Relations - MA

International Social Change and Policy - MSc

Journalism - MA/Postgraduate Diploma

Journalism - see Broadcast Journalism, Global Journalism, Magazine Journalism and Journalism

Language and Communication Impairment in Children - MSc/Diploma/Certificate

Language, Learning and Teaching - EdD (School of Education website)

Law courses

Librarianship - MA

Library and Information Services Management - MA (distance learning)

Literacy and Language - EdD (School of Education website)

Logistics and Supply Chain Management - MSc

Magazine Journalism - MA/Postgraduate Diploma

Management - MSc

Management (International Business) - MSc

Marketing Management Practice - MSc

Money, Banking and Finance - MSc

Multilingual Information Management - MA

Occupational Psychology - MSc

Philosophy - MA

Planning and architecture courses

Polar and Alpine Change – MSc(Res)

Political Theory - MA

Politics, Governance and Public Policy - MA

Politics and Media in East Asia - MA/Certificate/Diploma

Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) - see Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

Psychology and Education - MA

Psychology and Education (Conversion) - MSc

Social Research - MA

Social Work - MA

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education - MEd (School of Education website)

Work Psychology - MSc

Bosibori Kimari, MA Broadcast Journalism

We are an actual newsgathering organisation, we look for stories and report them, so we already have experience of the job by doing the course. We work on web, radio and TV. I’ve learnt how to record and edit both video and audio copy, script stories, and I've worked in all roles involved in news production.

Bosibori Kimari, MA Broadcast Journalism