Postgraduate taught teaching and learning changes for 2020-21 - Arts and Humanities

Due to the coronavirus pandemic we have made some changes to teaching and learning for the 2020-21 academic year.


Information about courses starting in 2020 is available via the 60kb PDF links on this page. We will update these pages with new information when available so please check back. You can also view our frequently asked questions

American History FT MA HSTT01

Applied Linguistics with TESOL MA ELLT01/ELLT10

Applied Linguistics with TESOL (Nanjing University Pathway) MA ELLT09

Archaeological Science MSc AAPT221/AAPT222/AAPT226

Archaeology MA AAPT209/AAPT210

Cognitive Studies MA PHIT20

Composition MA MUST50/MUST51

Cultural Heritage Management MA AAPT93

Early Modern History FT MA HSTT45

Early Modern History PT MA HSTT59

East Asian Business MSc EAST03

English Literature MA LITT64

English Literature (Creative Writing) MA LITT79

English Literature (Creative Writing) PT MA LITT80

English Literature PT MA LITT65

Global History FT MA HSTT31

Heritage and Archaeology MA AAPT191/AAPT192

Historical Research FT MA HSTT15

Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology MSc AAPT112/AAPT94

Intercultural Communication MA PG Dip MDLT08/MDLT09/MDLT10

Intercultural Communication and International Development MA PG Dip MDLT30/MDLT31/MDLT32

Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies MRES RELT110/RELT111

International Relations and East Asia MA EAST113

Literature, Culture and Society: 1700-1900 MA LITT85

Medieval History FT MA HSTT43

Modern History FT MA HSTT47

Modern History PT MA HSTT61

Modern Languages and Cultures MA MDLT43/MDLT44

Multilingual Information Management MA MDLT14/MDLT15

Multilingual Information Management PG Dip MDLT18

Music Management MA MUST13/MUST14

Music Psychology MA MUST02/MUST20

Musicology MA MUST60/MUST61

Osteoarchaeology MSc AAPT80/AAPT81

Palaeoanthropology MSc AAPT113/AAPT116

Performance Studies MA MUST64/MUST65

Performance Studies (Piano) MA MUST73/MUST74

Philosophy MA PHIT01/PHIT10

Political Theory MA PHIT02/PHIT03

Politics and Media in East Asia MA EAST110

Screen Translation MA MDLT16/MDLT17

Translation Studies MA PG Dip MDLT35/MDLT36/MDLT37/MDLT38