Postgraduate taught teaching and learning changes for 2020-21 - Science

Due to the coronavirus pandemic we have made some changes to teaching and learning for the 2020-21 academic year.


Information about courses starting in 2020 is available via the 60kb PDF links on this page. We will update these pages with new information when available so please check back. You can also view our frequently asked questions

Antimicrobial Resistance MSc MBBT17

Astrophysics MSc PHYT27

Biodiversity and Conservation MSc APST14

Biological Imaging MSc PHYT21

Biological Sciences MSc APST17

Biomedical Science MSc BMST31

Chemistry MSc CHMT08

Chemistry MSc (Res) CHMT10

Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience MSc PSYT12

Cognitive Neuroscience and Human Neuroimaging MSc PSYT23

Drug Discovery Science MSc CHMT17

Ecology and Environment MRes APST05

Evolution and Behaviour MRes APST06

Genomic Approach to Drug Discovery MSc BMST27

Human and Molecular Genetics MSc MBBT09

Mathematics MSc MAST30

Mathemical and Theoretical Physics MSc MAST34

Molecular & Cellular Basis of Human Disease MSc BMST05

Molecular & Cellular Basis of Human Disease MSc (Int Stds) BMST25

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology MSc MBBT12

Neuroscience MSc BMST11

Neuroscience MSc (Int Stds) BMST42

Particle Physics MSc PHYT17

Plant and Microbial Biology MRes APST07

Polymers for Advanced Technologies MSc CHMT01

Psychological Research Methods MSc PSYT107/PSYT24

Psychological Research Methods with Advanced Statistics MSc PSYT35/PSYT36

Psychological Research Methods with Data Science MSc PSYT45/PSYT48

Quantum Photonics and Nanomaterials MSc PHYT19

Science Communication MSc APST102

Solar Cell technology MSc PHYT24

Statistics MSc MAST01

Statistics with Financial Mathematics MSc MAST11

Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine MSc BMST02

Sustainable Agricultural Technologies MSc APST11

Systems Neuroscience MSc PSYT43