Postgraduate taught teaching and learning changes for 2020-21 - Social sciences

Due to the coronavirus pandemic we have made some changes to teaching and learning for the 2020-21 academic year.


Information about courses starting in 2020 is available via the 60kb PDF links on this page. We will update these pages with new information when available so please check back. You can also view our frequently asked questions

Accounting, Governance and Financial Management MSc MGTT192

Architectural Design MA ARCT25

Architecture MArch ARCU126

Architecture and Landscape Architecture MArch ARCU129

Architecture: Collaborative Practice MArch ARCU13

Business Finance and Economics MSc ECNT15

Creative and Cultural Industries Management MSc MGTT158

Data Science MSc INFT121/INFT158/INFT85

Digital Literacies, Culture and Education MA EDUT242

Digital Media and Society MA SCST88/SCST89

Early Childhood Education MA EDUT205

Early Childhood Education (Distance Learning) MA

Economics MSc ECNT07

Economics MSc ECNT08

Education MA EDUT180

Environmental Change and International Development MSc GEOT50

Executive MBA 

Finance MSc ECNT53

Finance and Accounting MSc MGTT170

Financial Economics MSc ECNT36

Global Journalism MA JNLT33

Global Marketing Management MSc MGTT175

Human Resource Management (CIPD pathway) MSc MGTT67/MGTT199

Information Management MSc INFT101/INFT110/INFT144/INFT147/INFT161/INFT118

Information Systems MSc INFT106/INFT108/INFT137/INFT141/INFT162

Information Systems Management MSc MGTT61

International Criminology MA LAWT105/LAWT86

International Criminology PGCert LAWT107/LAWT175

International Development MA GEOT22

International Development MPH GEOT28

International Management MSc MGTT34

International Management and Marketing MSc MGTT162

International Political Economy MA POLT103/POLT104

International Public and Political Communication MA JNLT03

International Relations MA POLT100/POLT99

Journalism MA JNLT07

Landscape Architecture MA LSCT123

Landscape Management (LI accredited) MA LSCT102/LSCT103

Landscape Management MA LSCT127

Landscape Studies MA LSCT124

Language and Education MA EDUT220

Law MA LAWT117/LAWT119

Librarianship MA INFT03/INFT13/INFT163/INFT98/INFT99/INFT34

Library and Information Services Management MA INFT90/INFT91/INFT92/INFT93


Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc MGTT167

Management MSc MGTT24

Management (International Business) MSc MGNT00

Management and Strategic Leadership MSc 

Management for Engineers MSc

Marketing Management Practice MSc MGTT169


Money Banking and Finance MSc ECNT31

Money Banking and Finance MSc ECNT32

Occupational Psychology MSc MGTT001

Polar and Alpine Change MSc (Res) GEOT132

Politics, Governance and Public Policy MA POLT95/POLT96

Psychology and Education MA EDUT181

Psychology and Education (Conversion) MSc EDUT234

Real Estate MSc TRPT120

Real Estate Planning and Development MSc TRPT121

Social Research MA SMIT01/SMIT02

Social Work MA L508

Sociology MA SCST34

Sustainable Architecture Studies MSc ARCT131

Urban and Regional Planning MSc TRPT106/TRPT116

Urban Design MA ARCT21

Urban Design and Planning MA TRPT126

Work Psychology MSc MGTT021