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Pop-up University Programme

Friday 20 September - Talks

10.30 - 10.50am                                                                       

Can AI accelerate precision medicine?

Ines Krissaane

Join Ines Krissaane and discover how artificial intelligence can change the future of medicine – using statistics, machine learning and deep learning to research issues relating to healthcare.

11 - 11.20am

Using mathematics to save our species

Natasha Ellison

Mathematics can be used to understand how animals move around the landscape and predict what might happen if they lose their habitat. Natasha Ellison will talk about how we do this and why it is useful.

11.30 - 11.50am

It’s all about us: accessing our genetic information!

Dr Cristina Alexandru

Dr Cristina Alexandru explores the cellular and molecular processes that are involved in producing genetic variation within the population and looks at the differences between DNA and RNA, and their respective roles.

12 - 12.20pm

Lunar base 50

Sheffield Engineering Leadership Academy

Our SELA (Sheffield Engineering Leadership Academy) students will be talking about their lunar base 50 interactive installation and how far engineering has come since the Apollo 11 moon landing 50 years ago.

12.30 - 12.50pm

Harvesting light

Paul Evans

Take a trip through the fantastic world of light with two virtual reality artworks developed by artist Paul Evans in collaboration with HumanVR and researchers from the Department of Physics. Explore a mind-bending virtual colour environment and interact with spinning neutrons and photonic structures.

1.30 - 1.50pm

What do we know about menopause, relationships and intimacy?

Stephanie Ejegi-Memeh

Join Stephanie Ejegi-Memeh and hear about research around women’s sexual health and well-being at menopause and beyond. The session will include myth busting and troubleshooting.

2 - 2.20pm

Breaking down the walls of the causes of cancer

Chiara Niespolo

Join Chiara Niespolo and fnd out how she and her colleagues from across the EU take a collaborative approach to research and are working together to understand the fundamental causes of prostate cancer.

2.30 - 2.50pm

Experience Castlegate

Professor John Moreland and Tom Moore

Join Archaeology Professor John Moreland and Architecture student Tom Moore to hear about the past, present and future of the Sheffield Castle site. Tom will look at some of the proposals
for development in the Castlegate area, and how these plans will preserve the heritage of the site while creating something new and innovative.

3 - 3.20pm

Søren Kierkegaard: losing oneself in busyness

Barney Riggs

Join Barney Riggs in exploring Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard’s work, and its relevance to our present age. Writing in mid-nineteenth century Copenhagen, Kierkegaard witnessed
radical changes to society. The appearance of a society of “absentminded busyness” was one of his greatest concerns. For Kierkegaard, in busyness we lose ourselves, becoming spectators
rather than actors in our own lives.

3.30 - 3.50pm

What happens the day after tomorrow: how do computers forecast floods?

Dr James Shaw

One in six UK homes risk being flooded, but do you know how computers forecast floods? Computers must simulate the entire city and make billions of calculations quickly enough for a realworld emergency response. Dr James Shaw is making forecasting faster and more accurate, helping to prepare for more frequent flooding in future.

4 - 4.20pm

Are wearable technologies the key to assessing real world mobility?

Kirsty Scott

With the advancements in wearable technologies and many of us now using some form of smart devices to monitor our health and track our activity levels, the question remains; could this data be utilised to assist with the clinical decisions made about our health?

4.30 - 4.50pm

“All the tea in China”

Xi Liu

Join Xi Liu on a journey of exploration through the tea cultures of China. Xi will cover the history of tea in China, representations of tea culture in cinema, and the links between tea, meditation and religious practice.