Festival of the Mind 2020 Project Information and FAQs

This webpage is for Festival of the Mind 2020 project leaders and creative partners - it should provide you with the information, guidance and documents that you need for all the logistical aspects of your festival project (both physical and online). The FAQs and other content on this page will be updated regularly, so please check back.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for on this page, please email festivalofthemind@sheffield.ac.uk

Festival update August 2020

We are currently planning for Festival of the Mind 2020 to go ahead both online and in an adapted physical form. We are asking projects to develop online content where they can, which will be hosted on a new Festival of the Mind website that is currently under construction.

Due to the technical requirements of the new website and the need for testing, we must receive all digital content (with the exception of live-streamed events) several weeks ahead of the festival. This means we will need you to send us all your digital images, videos, 3D models, games etc. by 5pm on Friday 14 August. If you think you will have a problem meeting this deadline, please contact a member of the festival team as soon as possible.

See the ‘Key Dates’ table below for more information on deadlines.

Key Dates

Podcast recording sessions 22 June - 31 July 2020
Deadline for submission of technical requirements form 31 July 2020
Deadline for submission of risk assessment form 31 July 2020
Deadline for submission of project webpage copy 31 July 2020
Deadline for submission of webpage header image 7 August 2020
Deadline for submission of final digital content 14 August 2020
Website 'Go Live' date 17 September 2020
Festival dates 17 - 27 September 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. When is the festival taking place?

     17 - 27 September 2020

  2. Where is the festival taking place?

    We are planning for the festival to be delivered online and in physical form in the Millennium Gallery and Sidney and Matilda. Talks will be livestreamed from Yellow Arch Studios.

  3. What about social distancing and hygiene measures?

    We will advise on social distancing measures nearer the time but please plan for some measures to be in place. Where possible, do not plan to share equipment such as headsets, tablets etc with the audience.

  4. Will some of the festival content be online?

    Yes. We are developing a new website to host all of the festival’s digital content. This includes podcasts, films, live streams, 360 video, images, 3D models, games and interactive maps.

    The website will contain a description of your project and you will have the chance to review this before the website goes live.

  5. How do I send in my online content?

     All project leads and creative partners have been emailed with a link to a Google Drive for uploading content. 

    If you have problems uploading to Google Drive (e.g. due to file size), you can send the files via WeTransfer instead. The download link should be sent to festivalofthemind@sheffield.ac.uk.

  6. Will I be doing a podcast for the online festival?

    Only projects that have already expressed an interest or that we have identified as suitable candidates will be approached about making a podcast.

    A 'Guide to Recording Your Podcast' is also available to download from the ‘Downloads’ column on the right of the page

  7. Who do I contact about budget queries?

    Please contact festivalofthemind@sheffield.ac.uk.

  8. How does my creative partner get paid?

    The academic member of staff leading the project must liaise with their department’s administrative team to put in place an agreement for services and to arrange any payments that are due.

    There are several stages to the payment process so we recommend that project leads liaise with their administrative team as soon as possible.

  9. Who do I contact about the programming of my event (i.e. time, date, venue)?

     Please contact festivalofthemind@sheffield.ac.uk.

  10. Who do contact about equipment and technical requirements for my activity?

    You can access the Technical Requirements form via the ‘Useful links’ column on the right of the page.

  11. What training is being offered?

    A recording of the session about recording a podcast is available via the 'Useful links' column on the right of the page.

    A recording of the session about successful partnership working is also available via the ‘Useful links’ column.

  12. How will the festival be marketed?

    This year the festival will be promoted through a digital marketing strategy which includes digital advertising in public spaces and a full social media campaign across many channels.

  13. How should I refer to the festival on social media and in general communications?

    Please see the guidance document available from the download box on the right.

  14. How will my event be evaluated?

    Festival of the Mind and its constituent projects will be evaluated by Spirul Ltd and there is no need for you to develop your own evaluation. A short survey will be built into the website to capture feedback and interviewers will be present in venues to carry out exit interviews with visitors. Shortly after the end of the festival, project teams will receive an online survey which we encourage you to complete. If you have any queries please contact festivalofthemind@sheffield.ac.uk.

  15. Who do I contact about risk assessment queries?

    The risk assessment form is available to download from the ‘Downloads’ column on the right of the page.

    Please contact festivalofthemind@sheffield.ac.uk if you have any queries about the risk assessment process or if you need help completing the form.

  16. I have been asked to provide evidence of public liability insurance - what should I do?

    You can view and download a copies of the University's public liability insurance and employers liability insurance certificates via the ‘Useful links’ column on the right of the page.