Order thesis printing and binding

Thesis printing and binding is a two-step process. You will need to order your binding first through ‘UoS Thesis Binding’ then upload your thesis for printing through ‘Document Builder’. Once both items are in your shopping cart you can go to the checkout.

Step one: In ‘UoS Thesis Binding’ you will be given a range of binding options from soft binding to hard binding and a template with variable fields to personalise your spine. For an additional cost the same information can be used to personalise your front cover. In the template you will be required to enter your name, thesis title, qualification e.g. PhD and submission date i.e. month and year.

Step two: Now that you have chosen your thesis binding options, you are required to upload your thesis for printing in ‘Document Builder’. Please note that you can upload single or multiple files for printing. In 'Document Builder' you will be asked to select a binding option – please choose ‘Thesis/Dissertation’ (you will not be required to fill in any other binding information because that was completed in step one).

Please note: The maximum thickness of a bound thesis is 32mm (332 leaves) – if your thesis is thicker it will need to be split into two or more volumes. Where two volumes or more are required, normal practice is for the bibliography and/or appendices to form the second volume. In such cases, the thesis will require two title pages, which specify ‘Volume 1’ and ‘Volume 2’ respectively. However, only one contents page and one ‘Access to Thesis’ form is required (both should appear in Volume 1). Please note that steps one and two will need to be completed for each volume.

Delivery: There are various delivery options to choose from – direct to Research & Innovation Services (free of charge) or you can choose to pay for UK postage or overseas postage. (Please note that overseas postage is non-standard, therefore you will be contacted with a price upon receipt of your order).

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