Service Level Agreement

The objectives of the Service Level Agreement are to help ensure that departments provide the best levels of support possible for the Institution’s key activities of Research and Teaching.


Purpose: To provide additional opportunity for enhancing the understanding between provider departments and user departments about the services provided.

Location:  Print and Design Solutions (PDS) Production Facility is located on Bolsover Street and the Customer Reception Desk in the Student Union and is part of Estates and Facilities Management (EFM) within Professional Services.

Client Groups/Eligibility for Services:  University staff, students, community/visitors and external organisations.

Effective Date: 1st November 2020

Service Activities
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Design
  • Digital Print - Mono
  • Digital Print – Colour
  • Wide Format Printing
  • Print Finishing
  • Thesis Binding
  • Mailing and Fulfilment
  • University Gifts and Souvenirs
  • Promotional Goods
  • Print Advisory Service
  • Delivery Service
Description of Service

The aims and objectives of Print and Design Solutions is to provide an efficient, secure and cost effective print and design service to customers.

Provider Responsibility

A “one stop shop” for print and design services which aims to meet the needs of university staff, students, community/visitors and external organisations by:

  • Providing bespoke graphic and digital design, digital mono, colour and wide format printing, offset litho printing, print finishing, mailing and fulfilment, university gifts and souvenirs and promotional goods.
  • Providing a secure environment for confidential/sensitive material.
  • Providing an advisory service for print and print related activities.
  • Providing a Print Estimating Service.
  • Providing a Print Buying Service.
  • Supplying necessary materials to complete each job.Delivering to specified drop off points.
  • Providing prices for common items and services e.g. stationery, duplicating etc.
  • Providing an online web to print solution.
  • Creating a user friendly environment with named contacts.
  • Sourcing sustainable products whenever practicable.
  • Maintaining a GDPR Policy to maintain the security of customer information.
User Responsibility
  • To supply an order with details of the work to be carried out.
  • If not purchased via PDS online solution, a uBASE order should be supplied with the order. 
  • If requesting our design services a Design Brief should be completed.
  • To supply artwork/text to an agreed format or camera ready artwork.
  • To sign off final proof copies by the agreed deadline.
  • To proofread customer supplied artwork before forwarding to Print and Design Solutions.
  • To notify us of any changes within the department, e.g. address, staff.
  • To ensure that funds are available to pay for services and materials ordered from Print and Design Solutions.
Availability of Service
  • Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.
  • Weekend work and evening shift at peak times as necessary.
  • Closed Christmas Break from 24th December 2021 until 3rd January 2022. 
  • Closed all other Bank Holidays.
Service Statistics
  • Number of jobs completed each month, by service.
  • Outsourcing expenditure and income.
  • Income and Expenditure monthly.
  • Number and cost of jobs that require reprinting (spoils).
  • Type of jobs produced.
  • New Business monthly.
  • Estimate Analysis – Number of estimates, conversion rate, turnaround and complexity.
  • Internal Market Share – PDS Orders, PDS Orders Outsourced, Orders Outsourced directly by departments – including whether PDS could have produced in-house (achievable/unachievable).
  • Utilisation Analysis by Service.
  • Quantity and Income of online orders.
  • Customer Comments +/-.
  • Delivery Analysis – number and percentage of late deliveries.
Service Measures
  • Documented Standards and Procedures.
  • Framework Agreement for Approved Suppliers of Print in collaboration with SHU.
  • Investigate and respond appropriately to complaints within University guidelines.
  • PDS Pricing Policy reviewed annually.
  • PDS GDPR Policy reviewed annually.
  • Service Level Agreement reviewed annually.
  • Suppliers of materials, e.g. paper, inks and finishing consumables.
  • Equipment maintenance suppliers, e.g. Konica Minolta, Morgana
  • University Mail Service to deliver printed goods to specified drop off points.
  • EFM for provision of building space and heat and power. Service and maintenance of lift to ground floor.
  • Finance Department for financial information.
  • Human Resources for human resource management.
  • IT Services for high quality technology enabled services that are reliable and secure.
  • Secure external print and design suppliers for emergency/overflow printing.
Feedback and Monitoring
  • Record Customer’s comments and review monthly.
  • Online feedback form (currently IT Services).

To ensure that Print and Design Solutions  provide value for money and pricing remains competitive, benchmarking is carried out at regular intervals.

  • Suppliers of print and print related goods are benchmarked daily when obtaining external quotes. 
  • An annual benchmarking exercise takes place when the PDS Pricing Policy is reviewed.
  • Association of Creative and Print Managers in Education (ACPME) regularly sends out benchmarking information.
Contact Details
  • Main Reception 0114 2221220                            
  • Michelle Barraclough, Business Support & Operations Manager
  • Sheryl Mather, Graphic Design Manager               
  • Lucy Farmer, Business Developer    

Version Control Table

Version Number Date Description of changes and person responsible for making changes
1.0 01/11/2020 First Draft
1.0 17/11/2020 Release Date
1.1 29/06/2021 Amendments

The PDS Project Review Team are currently reviewing our service provision, which includes:

  • Reviewing our current processes and procedures.
  • Producing a Ten Point Customer Charter, to improve customer service.
  • A project to examine how we can improve Customer Feedback. 
  • To create a formal process for  investigating and responding appropriately to customer complaints.
  • To put in place a formal benchmarking process, for the supply of paper and consumables, to ensure best practice.