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BSC Informatics with Employment Experience (INFU102)     IS

2015 - 2016


Year 4

units (40 credits)
A student will take

Full academic year
INF324  Research in Informatics 3 ACAD YR 40 credits

units (60 credits)
A student will take 60 credits from this group.

Semester 1
INF312  Digital Economy AUT SEM 20 credits
INF321  Business Intelligence AUT SEM 20 credits
INF323  Internship AUT SEM 20 credits

Semester 2
INF317  Content Management Systems SPR SEM 20 credits
INF326  Web Applications and Web Programming SPR SEM 20 credits
INF330  Knowledge Management and Communities SPR SEM 20 credits

units (20 credits)
A student will take unrestricted F6 units to the value of 20 credits.

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