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INF6028   Data Mining   (15 credits)

Year Running: 2019/2020
Credit level: F7


As the volume of and types of information collected and stored in databases grows, there is a growing need to gain new insights into the data by identifying important patterns and trends. Data Mining is the process by which this is done. This module will examine the two main goals served by data mining: (i) insight (identifying patterns and trends on which to base actions), and (ii) prediction (modelling future activities or outcomes based on input data) and how algorithms are used to support these. An overview will be provided of the algorithms that underpin the most commonly used machine learning methods for building models and identifying patterns in data.


Reading List

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Teaching Methods

Delivery Type Hours
Independent 106.0
Lab 11.0
Lecture 22.0
Problem Solving 11.0

Methods of assessment

Assessment Type Duration % of formal assessment Semester
Course Work 0.0 100 % S2

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