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LAW6028   Law of Crime   (0 credits)

Year Running: 2018/2019
Credit level: F7
Pre-requisites   LAW118  
Additional Information   Only available to students on LAWT117


The Law of Crime is a foundational module for professional purposes. It is concerned with the principles which govern the circumstances in which a person can be found guilty of a criminal act or omission. In doing this, the module provides an analysis of some of the most important criminal offences. It also considers when a person can escape liability by pleading defences, among others, insanity, diminished responsibility and intoxication. The module aims to contribute to the pedagogic objectives of the Masters degree and to inculcate an appreciation of the general principles of criminal law together with a selection of offences.


Reading List

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Teaching Methods

Delivery Type Hours
Independent 181.0
Seminar 16.0

Methods of assessment

Assessment Type Duration % of formal assessment Semester
Exam 3.0 100 % S2