Available courses:

Course Award A Levels UCAS code
Chemical Physics MPhys AAB F335
Physics BSc AAB F300
Physics MPhys AAA F301
Physics and Astrophysics BSc AAB FF35
Physics and Astrophysics MPhys AAA F3F5
Physics and Astrophysics with Study Abroad MPhys AAA FF3M
Physics and Philosophy BSc AAB FV35
Physics with Computer Science BSc AAB F3G4
Physics with Computer Science MPhys AAA F3GK
Physics with Medical Physics BSc AAB F350
Physics with Medical Physics MPhys AAA F371
Physics with Philosophy MPhys AAA F3V5
Physics with Study Abroad MPhys AAA F305
Physics with a Foundation Year MPhys or BSc BBB F309
Theoretical Physics BSc AAB F344
Theoretical Physics MPhys AAA F321
Theoretical Physics with Study Abroad MPhys AAA F304