20 September 2004

Staff Comings and Goings


* Mick Cruse has retired as Departmental Manager to move, in due course, to France
* Dr. Pete Coffey will be taking up a Chair at the Institute of Ophthalmology
* Karen Briggs (Computer Support Officer) has moved to the Sangar Institute in Cambridge
* Dr. Simon Goodson has taken up a lecturing post in Leeds


* Prof Larry Parsons has taken up a Chair in Cognitive Neuropsychology
* Dr. Michael Martinez has arrived as Research Associate to Prof Parsons
* Dr. Liz Milne has been appointed as a Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology / Neuroscience
* Alan Grundy has been appointed Computer Support Officer
* Dr. Myles Jones has been appointed as a temporary Lecturer in Neuroscience
* Dr. Georgina Rowse has been appointed as a part-time Lecturer in the Clinical Psychology Unit