22 October 2007

Christine Sprigg and Chris Armitage awarded £97,000 for employee well-being project

Christine Sprigg and Chris Armitage have been awarded £97,000 by the Institute of Occupational Safety Health for a project entitled "The Effect of Work-Related Violence on Employee Health & Well-Being: A Longitudinal Cross-Lagged Study."

Work-related violence has significant cost to individuals, organisations and the UK economy. Work-related violence includes verbal abuse, threats, physical assaults and more covert acts of bullying from co-workers. Research is now needed to better understand these risks to employee well-being. A key element of this study is the examination of both insider- and outsider-initiated violence in the same study. With both a longitudinal design and a comprehensive set of questionnaire measures our aim is identify potential candidate variables for future intervention studies. We will examine the consequences of violence in a number of sectors, considered to be both high-risk or low-risk work environments.